Visual artist. Born in Mexico, lives and works in France,  Mexico and Japan.



Born in Mexico in the 60’s, Namiko Prado Arai conducts her artistic activities, living both in France and in Mexico with intermittent stays in Japan. She has a degree from the Iberoamericana University in Mexico and from the Paris VIII University, as well as a postgraduate degree from the San Carlos Academy in Mexico and the High Studies School of Social Sciences (EHESS) in Paris.

Her multicultural background with her ancestry of Japanese and Spanish-Mexican origins, enriched by her life in Europe, has enabled her to develop a unique, unconventional art style. Her two preferred themes, the expression of herself and that of common objects, are the results of her constant search for visual poetic expression of intimacy that goes beyond the simple confessions of personal feelings.

Painter, drawer, engraver and illustrator, Namiko Prado Arai mobilises her versatile artistic skills to present coherent visual expressions on matters of her deepest concern. Her mastery of techniques, both graphic and pictorial, reinforces the creative power of her work.

Namiko Prado Arai’s works, imaginative and at the same time sober, are highly appreciated in Mexico and elsewhere, having drawn the attention of critics and intellectuals. A number of her works are owned by public as well as private collections. In addition to the exhibitions uniquely devoted to her works, she participated in many collective art shows in Mexico, France, Spain, Italy, Holland and Japan, and was granted awards and acknowledgments by national and international bodies.